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How Central Florida geeks communicate and hang out


They tend to hang out on Internet Relay Chat: on #cfgeeks or #golug for late night discussions or coordination activities.

Ham radio:

They can also be found on ham radio on various Orlando area repeaters such as the 147.120 MHz repeater.

At one time there was an effort to bring an 220 MHz repeater online but that sadly has not caught on as of yet ... well until now!

224.820 machine is new on the west side!

Several of us have 220 Mhz radios in our cars. Simplex is generally used. On 2 meters typically 146.490 simplex is used in close proximity. FRS is also used some times.


Use hashtag #cfgeeks.

Follow Twitter traffic about cfgeeks


FriendFeed: CFgeeks group


Real soon now?

Google Hangouts

real soon now!

HAM Mesh Network

Ham-MESH project

BSD User Group of Orlando


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