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The people that make up CFGEEKS

In no particular order...

NameURLHam CallsignIRC NicknameInterests
Kevin Inscoehttp://kevininscoe.comKE3VINke3vinhacking things, radio (monitoring, scanner, digital, ham, shortwave, etc..), programming (C++, Perl, Java, shell script, PHP and Expect), Linux, Mac, mobile devices and gadgets (iPhone, Palm, Android, iPod, Nokia N800 and Zaurus), weather, GPS (geo-tagging, alerting, events, location based software, coordination, mapping, logging, etc..) and part time railfan
David Billsbroughhttp://www.kc4zvw.orgKC4ZVWkc4zvwProgramming (Perl/Python/Ruby/Lua?); Linux and FreeBSD; Amateur Radio: Software Defined Radios, Homebrewing, Digital/Space modes; Boating/Camping/Biking
Ryan Price liberatrDrupal, Open Source, Podcasting, gadgets, Mac, Digital Media, Community
Shawn McMahon syberghostLinux/UNIX administration, Sci Fi, MMORPGs, NASCAR, IRC and Bacon!
John Maysonhttp://www.johnmayson.comKC4VJOjmaysonIn-circuit test, hardware test engineering, Linux, Unix, Perl, Scripting, bicycling, camping, hiking
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