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We are starting up the podcasts again. Subscribe to the mailing list at for coordination.

The feed will be at

Currently we plan to call in to Kevin Inscoe via Skype (ke3vin). Later I will setup an Asterisk server for round table.

How to create your own podcast:

 Monthly Orlando Podcasters Meetup
This is the monthly meeting of the Orlando Podcasters group. This meetup will cover how to create your own bumpers, and then have a bumper exchange for each others podcasts.
Location: Melrose Center @ The Orlando Public Library

General (local area)

Other podcasts of interest:

Uber Hacker Feed:

Hackermedia - Hackermedia has just about everything in it's feed.


More Linux podcasts listed at

Linux Link Tech Show

The Linux Action Show

Linux Cranks



Linux Basement

Going Linux

Linux Outlaws

Bad Apples

Linux Crazy

Productive Linux

Linux in the HAM Shack ** updated **


Mind of Root

The Morning Report


This Week in Tech and Leo Leporte

Mike Tech Show

Ham radio:

Amateur Radio Newsline


This Week in Amateur Radio

ARRL Audio News

The RAIN Report

Resonant Frequency

Ham Radio Podclass

Chat with the Designer -- a bi-weekly program via Teamspeak

Hacking and security:

Off the Hook

Hackermedia is on the air!

Bluebox: The VoIP Security Podcast

Paul Dot Com

Hacker Public Radio






Open source:

NYC*BUG -- meeting podcasts of New York city BSD group

FLOSS Weekly

Gutsy Geeks Computer Show -- podcast audio files

Sourcetrunk -- your trunkload of open source


Abrams Planetarium's Starline

Profiles June 05, 2015, at 09:14 AM EST

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