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Central Florida HAM Radio

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Central Florida Listener's Group

145.210 MHz — The CFLG Net
Where we discuss scanning, pirate stations, and monitoring of various interesting frequencies
in the Central Florida area. It's an information net that will keep giving you new listening
opportunities. Everyone is welcome to join in on this net.

The 147.120 Tech Net Blog

147.120 MHz — The Wednesday night Tech Net at ~8:00 PM (local)
The Tech Net is a place to discuss or ask questions of things technical in nature. Ask questions
or show up to help Elmer the local users who ask questions and need experienced answers. Everyone
is welcome to join in on this net.

The 147.120 1st Amendment Net

147.120 MHz — The Saturday night chat with the crew at 8:00 PM (local)
On Saturday night at 8 pm we have the Chat with the Zoo crew Net, where we discuss politics and a myriad
of other issues. All points of view are encouraged. Everyone is welcome to join in on this net.

Modes of communication

Homebrewing and radio repairs

  • Radio Kits — current offering in radio kits
  • Building — miscellaneous homebrew projects
  • Mods — various radio mods
  • Radio_Classes — future FamiLAB radio classes (proposed)
  • Embedded — embedded controllers used in radio projects

Test Equipment

Local Repeater

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