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Welcome to the Central Florida Geeks

cfgeeks is collection of like-minded geeks, technology, computer, sci-fi, electronic and radio hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals who gather to socialize and lean new things and meet new geeks. Although there are no boundaries and no "standard geek" many cfgeeks are ham radio operators, Electronic Engineers, computer programmers and unix and software enthusiasts.

cfgeeks has no regular meetings, no dues, no membership list and in fact is not really organized in any particular way. We like to think of it as the "anti-meeting". cfgeeks exists mainly as the core mailing list and the occasional geek gatherings referred to as "lunchp"s. The "-p" coming from an old MIT lisp way of asking a question in one word (other common forms of lunchps come as dinnerp's, moviep's and skycraftp's). Anyone can start a gathering by sending an email to the core and lunchp mailings lists. The lunchp list exists for those who just want the announcements and not the daily discussions on the core list. As for the mailing lists more information can be found on our mail server: We host several different kinds of mailing lists such as the Stockgeeks list and the lunchp list for announcements and of course the "core" list: cfgeeks.

Some cfgeeks are also Road Geeks, Rail Geeks and Rail Fans.

They also tend to hang out on irc: on #cfgeeks or #golug for late night discussions or coordination activities. They can also be found on ham radio on various Orlando area repeaters.

There is plenty to enjoy with cfgeeks, welcome, join the core mailing list and we hope to see you soon at the next lunchp!

Remember we are all geeks now.

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Page last modified on January 12, 2020, at 06:05 PM EST